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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 19, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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♪ ♪ freedom, freedom ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you, amanda mandela.
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don't foergt pick up a come pi of "people's" special edition of year-end issue on news stands now. i'm robin robert. here is to a happy and healthy 2014. captioned by the
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national captioning institute the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc seven news at 11. >> and abc 7 news exclusive. fire problem with the d.c. department. sources tell us that a firefighter was arrested. the firefighter was arrested not long after graduating from the fire academy. -- jay korff is live with the story. >> the firefighter who was arrested and charged with ability theft. years19-year-old -- 19 old. he is fresh out of the academy. firefighters respond to a call thursday night but without a colleague they were getting to know. joness say clarence
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worked only a handful shifts at this fire hall in northeast d.c. before being placed on leave. they say he was arrested in prince george's county on a theft charge. authorities would not provide us with the circumstances surrounding the arrest, but involved items between $1000 and $10,000 in value. about anotherd issue impacting the department. department has been under fire for years now. the fire chief. other issues with the equipment. graduated say jones from the cadet program. the program was introduced with the mayor with the enthusiastic support of the fired chief.
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-- fire chief. it was designed to give the strict residents a chance to learn to be firefighters and serve their city. the 11th.arrested on d.c. fire officials have c onfirmed that they are aware of the arrest. they have placed him on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. jay korff, abc seven. -- isarrest is the worst part of a number of problems faced by the department. multiple ambulances broke down. more recently, the chief admitted that only a fraction of the fire trucks passed a safety test. last week, investigation revealed that other cities have
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higher safety records. >> new developments concerning -- the collapse of the apollo theatre in london. the theater was just blocks away from the piccadilly circus sectionals -- section of town. what investigators are saying about what happened. >> they say they treated a total of 76 patients. several suffered serious injuries. in a matter of seconds, they went from watching a play to hearing screams in total darkness. you could still see the suit facest on this couples after they say part of the ceiling landed on them. >> we were lying everywhere. the whole thing just collapsed. >> the fire department says
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around 700 people were watching a play called the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime in the apollo theatre. they say it was not the entire roof that collapsed, just part of it. -- that you would find in a theater. peoplecials say many were too injured to get out of the theater and had to be rescued. most of the people were able to get out on their own. some who can say they were treating themselves to an early christmas present. one that went horribly wrong. >> it is a terrible thing. >> fortunately, as of right now, no fatalities have been ripped -- reported. they do not believe anybody cause this on purpose. live in the newsroom, tom rowdy. >> thank you tom. millions of americans are checking their credit card records for fraudulent charges names,ackers stole the
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expiration dates, and even -- from target customers. >> they let their guard down. i am surprised -- why did they not come forth with this information sooner? nothe data breach did affect online purchases. tonight, they say they are investigating. >> changes in our weather. it looks like we will be on the cusp of some springlike temperatures. the chief meteorologist doug hill has what to expect. >> not big changes. by sunday, big changes. we will hit the 70 degree mark. all those things will come our way. we are still in the 40's. --t west of washington beautiful son tries -- sunrise.
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most of the snow melted. very few areas have snow on the ground for christmas. 52 in bethesda. 49 in laurel. by tomorrow morning, partially sunny. not terribly cold. warmer than normal weather headed this way. we will have your christmas eve and christmas day forecast coming up. 11:00, a congressman who pleaded guilty to cocaine possession sets -- says he will not resign. he said alcohol was the root of the problem and problem -- promised to stay sober. republican leaders have called for his rent it -- resignation. the victim ofame a terrifying crime.
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she was carjacked. that was that beginning of a lengthy crime spree. roz plater joins us with the story. theeon, the spree began at bank in rockville. police finally caught up with the man responsible. today was his judgment day. 27, molly pulled up to this bank to use the atm. a man carjacked her. i said, take the money and leave the car. i was scared to death. i didn't want to confront him. >> it was this man. this was the beginning of the two-month long crime spree. he wrote around in the previous, cashing checks and buying gift cards.
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he is accused of robbing this dunkin' donuts and alexandria, brandishing a gun and terrifying the clerk. about a month car later. that is when he carjacked a couple in rockville. >> he has been a menace to our society. he is a regional crime wave. >> the spree began to unravel. an ex-girlfriend identified him in oh wanted poster. poster.ted a judge said since -- sentence him to 35 years behind bars. me tosked him to walk my car. i'm very cautious now. >> he is still in the court system. he could face more time behind cars. he is 28 euros old -- 28 years
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old. he attended college. he had a lot of options but chose the wrong one. >> happening now in loudoun county, a search for victims of the driving instructor that was instructed -- arrested. ran a driving school. he is accused of inappropriately touching the victims. investigators are worried there are more victims out there. if you have information, you are act theo conty loudoun county sheriffs office. limit approved a plan to spending to $100 per school year. moneys can approve their -- pool their money if they want to buy larger gifts for their teachers. right now, stay commission
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now, a state right commission is weighing three different proposals. bring the decision -- we will bring you the decision tomorrow on abc seven. >> a barrage of chris is a man support for -- >> the latest on the dynasty star phil robertson -- "duck
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>> you are watching abc seven news at 11. on your side. >> a tragic loss for southwest washington. professor francis parsons -- frances parsons has died. she died while walking her dog. >> more on her legacy.
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a smile on herad face. she was known for teaching her neighbors sign language. she will be missed terribly. was a wonderful person. >> she spent the last 20 years -- yesterday afternoon, residents were getting ready for a party. was walkingarsons with her dog -- her dog on this ramp. a man was driving a porsche cayenne and hit her. >> a terrible tragedy. terrible -- an incredible life. she was declared death at five and traveled all over the world.
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she work that got you that university for a quarter- century. sometimes -- >> to think about how many other obstacles she conquered over her life that she is 90 years old. it is terrible. >> valerie loved both parsons and her dog. >> she was a hearing dog. if somebody would ring the doorbell or dock on her door, the dog would jump up. we will jump -- i will miss her a much. shaken upver was very afterwards. he has not been charged. police -- tell me the casepolice tel me the is still under investigation. serious questions about the
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dynasty.""duck many of the show's fans support phil robertson. >> he was basing his comments on some biblical verse. these are views that a lot of people hold. to the has the right consequences of those views. it will come down like a hammer. >> new at 11:00, the robertson family has released a statement. it says, we have had a successful working relationship a&e.a any -- we are in discussions with the network to see what it means for the future of the show. >> let's talk about the future the weather. christmas, we will get unseasonably cold.
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let's look back four years ago today. do you remember this? >> yes. , this was the first major storm out of that snowy winter. that your was crazy. -- year was crazy. 19 plus inches at dulles. over to pete -- two feet in damascus. in thex feet of snow viewing area. 61 the high today. as what is happening now, there is some cloud cover. somewhatperatures, warmer than our daytime highs. about 30urg just minutes ago was at 33.
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32 in frederick. the cloud cover is key tonight. look at the temperature changes. these numbers on the screen represent how much warmer it is now than it was at 11:00 last night. 25 and gaithersburg. -- in gaithersburg. 20 of cold air around. -- plenty of cold air around. 30 degree temperatures drops today because of the cold air moving in. i will modify a bit. 48 right now. 50 in indianapolis. 65 in little rock. 65 in dallas. a developing -- trough of low pressure. this is a thin overcast -- you can see the move -- it will
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clear up by sunday morning. the temperatures off to the races. at least 60. we will get warmer than 60 in many areas. a very pleasant friday around here. even warmer through saturday. the winter solstice begins saturday. some rain late in the afternoon. somewhat cooler as we head towards christmas eve and christmas day. we will have a lot more for you tomorrow. >> we will enjoy the break. thank you. >> onto sports. -- the west coast is not happy. out. nba star is i think you can connect the dots. back.r set and the >> jordan reed's is one of the
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bright spots on the redskins. he will be shut down for the remainder of the season. they placed him on injured reserve due to ongoing concussion systems. gameweek's dame -- delivered the second lowest ratings of the season. the redskinsgo, beat the cowboys to win the division. now they are playing spoiler. whip -- onery to game at a time. we know that they will play us tough. >> dulles has a lot on the line. it is a major rivalry game.
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i have played a lot of rivalry games before. it is a good opportunity to give our fan base something to be excited about. >> after fighting to come back from his achilles injury, kobe bryant suffered another setback. he is out for six weeks with a knee injury. injuryed through the against the grizzlies. -- they were on full display. 20-15 duke. rebounds. 80-63.lls away capitals off until tomorrow. but great player on the nhl. play aroundnd --
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the nhl. winning 4-2. game tied in the third. rebound, back to the goal. that was the game-winner. the flyers when 5-4. 5-4.n out 45 days with a group -- broken collarbone. >> they need to see what he looks like if they want to make -- weekend. them this >> maybe a little revenge for final exams.
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could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choi of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. >> a major security breach affecting thousands of target shoppers. of 2014.t cars and doug forecast for the weekend. you can read all that at a high school students have
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unique way of saying merry christmas. they may get some coal in their stockings for this. --every christmas eve [laughter] >> they were in her danced -- in an advanced media class. the tree had a person inside. the reactions are priceless. that --both cole and maybe they will get a lump of coal. >> ok. >> you had to go >> final look at the warm
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weather ahead. >> looks good. 61. the next few days will be the
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warmest. 70 on sunday. rain late sunday. a transition monday into the cooler weather for christmas eve and christmas he -- date. ho. --santa says ho, ho, >> that is good for us. jimmy kimmel coming next. >> enjoy the warm weather. have a great night.
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